June 10, 2015


Designed to guide and support your body towards its innate ability to

heal, release, restore and revive.

These sessions can be expanded to include plant medicine and aromatherapy by using Essential Oils.

Some Energy Healing sessions are offered via Skype.

When you are in physical pain, or when you feel you are coming unraveled, you want:

“ENERGY RELEASE AND INTEGRATION”  to help re- weave the strands to wholeness.



When you wish to release past hurt, negativity, and possibly anger toward someone, you want:

“DISENTANGLEMENT”  to help reclaim your power from other people or tragic circumstances, and move forward in your life without feeling a repetitive, heavy pull backwards.



Do you have a challenging occupation?
Are you in transition?  (eg: relationship breakdown or job loss)

Contact Laurie to determine which session will be the most beneficial for your individual circumstance.


Collaborative Packages – Ask me about my current collaborations with complimentary professionals.


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