February 20, 2015


Your body is speaking to you. Sometimes it whispers, sometimes it shouts.
I help you:

  • create the FREEDOM of RELEASING what no longer serves you;
  • experience the PEACE of ATTUNING to the present moment;
  • discover the CONFIDENCE to revisit your experience at any time of your choosing.

JUST STOP MY HEADACHES (or other pain) РTherapeutic Services to guide and support your body towards its innate ability to heal, release, restore and revive.


WHOLE-BODY EXHALE, please РServices to guide your body towards ease and flow and harmony 

Lily Pads

I promise you this:

  • I will create a safe space for your healing journey,
  • we will co-create experiences for you to release and rejeuvenate
  • I will share my skills, talents, and knowledge with joy and gratitude.