I recently discovered that emails from a close connection had been placed by my email account into a folder I didn’t notice before. She had been sending me information to help move my business forward on a monthly basis for some time. She prepared beautiful videos, chock full of meaningful information to assist any entrepreneur.[…]

Future-shaping by Honouring the Past

While attending an International Congress last month, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting 2 brilliant pioneers in holistic medicine and complimentary care, and of listening to their presentations as they shared experiences and knowledge. Their impact, combined with many other intelligent, talented and dedicated participants in the Congress, validated that I am exactly where[…]


Allergies (including food)?  **  Headaches?  **  Tired all the time?  ** Too busy to eat properly? (are you skipping meals or stopping frequently at drive-thru’s due to your heavy travel and work schedule?) Feed your body Real Food – Whole Food – fruits and vegetables allowed to ripen on the vine, not picked early to accomodate travel schedules to your local[…]


Headaches? **  Fatigue? ** Chronic Pain? ** Feeling Stuck? Energize your Body and Spirit.   Through Therapeutic Touch, I guide your energy field to support your body’s natural healing ability. Whether you have a chronic condition or are suffering from a sudden incident (eg: recovering from surgery, a recent sports injury, or fall) or whether you[…]