The Path to Mom’s

A few weeks ago, I committed to further improving my lifestyle.  I started with refining my eating habits.  Knowing I would be making changes to not only what but how often I eat, I chose to use a trusted system, with Menu Plans, nutritional supplements, and a lady I know and like to coach me along the way.  “3 every 3” is the motto for this plan.  Eat a specific variety of foods every 3 hours.

The first week is Cleanse – (aka Detox)……   Being a positive thinker, I focussed on the fish, chicken, turkey, and loads of vegetables and fruits I could eat, vs. what I couldn’t (caffeine, dairy, sugar, red meats). I shopped every few days to keep the produce fresh, and I actually did completely stop drinking coffee, without one headache.  But oh, my neck and shoulders through my rib cage were very unhappy on a frequent basis for 2 days.

I also committed to drinking 8 glasses of water/day (which is double what I had been consuming prior).  I am unsure if this was my greatest challenge, or being diligent to eat something on a regular schedule was more difficult.  In the past, I would skip meals simply because I was immersed with the multitude of tasks involved in running a business, and simply didn’t realize how much time had passed since I last ate.

After 7 days, the Cleanse week was complete, and the program shifted to “Sculpt”.  That means adding exercise 4 days/week.  I incorporated a Yoga practice into my life last October, so that covers 2 days. And I decided that adding cycling would be a great way to round off my twice/week exercise component.  The weather is very pleasant, and I love being outdoors, so this was a perfect choice.

So I called my Mom, who lives 3 kms away, and arranged a visit.  Easy, I thought. I’ll cycle to her place, have a cup of tea with her, and then cycle back. No clients until this afternoon, and I relish a break to move my body after a few hours of office/computer work.

I figured it would take me an hour from the time of my call to complete a few email replies, make sure my bike tires are full, plus cycle the estimated 20 minute ride to get there.  Well, 40 minutes later, I still hadn’t completed all my admin items, but I knew my Mom was waiting, and I was looking forward to moving my body a bit.  Plus, the sun was shining, calling me outside. I pumped up my front tires and started cycling to Mom’s.  I was behind schedule.

There is a paved gravel pathway along the Creek just behind our house, called the ‘Greenway’, that I chose as my route. Ah, yes, outside in nature, with birds, joggers, walkers, and often pets (even horses) enjoy that trail.

Along the way, I called a friend, huffing and puffing as I did while on this 2nd bike ride of the season. Earplugs are brilliant for that! (I didn’t want you visioning me cycling with one hand holding my phone to my ear and the other steering the bicycle).

And then, I noticed 2 ladies walking ahead of me whom I recognized. Lovely ladies with whom I always enjoy conversation. Fellow Hospice Volunteers. One of whom had also worked as Manager of Volunteers at our local Hospice House.

In that moment I realized the “WHY” behind my few delays that morning on my way to Mom’s.

It was to ensure that the 3 of us had a chance to re-connect, to hug, to share kindness.  Had I left my home earlier than that, we would have missed each other on the path.

Could hardly wait to have tea and a visit with Mom. A bit late, perhaps, but fully present while I was there. And I knew she would understand that hugs trump the time on a clock.

In health and vibrancy, Laurie.






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