Invite Laurie to Speak

Laurie Bartley, TTRP has been a featured presenter for decades.

Most recently a Keynote for ‘Storytelling Tuesdays’, and a variety of ‘Women in Business’ presentations, Laurie’s knowledge and compassion for others shines through.  She has a knack for condensing complex topics into easy-to-understand key points while engaging audiences along the way.

Laurie’s “GIFT IN PRESENCE” Keynote is her most requested topic, and she tailors this theme to your particular needs and time frame. 

As M.C. for a number of lifestyle events, she is sensitive to the rhythm of the function, and guides attention to the speakers with ease and attention to detail.

Laurie’s writing is featured in her BLOG column, in “OK in Health” plus “Encompass” magazines.

Laurie is honoured to be a contributor to the book “FROM THERE TO HERE”, A Book of Real and Raw Daringly Mindful Stories written by Diana Reyers in Conversation…   Discover how courageously ordinary people faced adversity head on and chose their individual Authentic Road Trip in order to get From There To Here.


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