Inspired Aging

Birthday Fruit Bouquet

As I celebrate my 53rd birthday, I reflect on the past year and study the mystery of aging. I feel signs of aging, but mainly they are in the form of new wisdom and perspectives that the experiences of the year have brought.
I am grateful for the new people who have entered my life (whether personal or business ), the challenges that have helped me stretch myself (sometimes past the edges of what’s comfortable), the books I’ve read, the presentations and new ideas I’ve been invited to consider – you get the idea.
But I do not suffer the same joint pains or hormonal spikes as many others approaching or into menopause (okay, my husband may disagree – ha!).
My muscles are strong. I keep our yard and vegetable garden maintained – even call our yard my ‘outdoor gym’. I enjoy the nature trails we are blessed to have all around us. I ride my bicycle from time to time, but mainly walk. We were just gifted a treadmill so I know I will be using that in the winter months. I stretch and bend as I nurture clients on my massage table in my Therapeutic Touch Practice. And I just joined a Yoga studio, and appreciate the deep, sustained poses and breathing techniques I am learning.
I pay attention to the foods I eat, growing loads of it ourselves. So happy!
I pay attention to the thoughts I allow and the books I read. I volunteer my time to multiple causes and events of interest to me. I cherish being with my family, but recognize the importance I place on spending time with myself. Just to be, to explore, to discover whatever catches my interest, and to pursue that thought or activity, trusting it presented itself for a reason.
I view my birthday as another day to celebrate the blessings of my life. I frequently (almost always in fact) find the perfect parking space, green lights are commonplace, and life has an ease and flow to it. I approach every day as a day to be joyful, to uplift and encourage others, to be vulnerable and open hearted, and to be kind to myself and others.
And that is worth celebrating every day.


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