Should I next be called…

Sunshine with auras 2015


I have served our local community as a hospice volunteer for over 10 years. I sat vigil with someone a few nights ago, and during our time together, I reflected for a moment on my own mortality.


Should I next be called to be among the Angels,

I want you to know that your presence in my life held meaning,

That we were placed on this path together for a reason,

That your presence makes a difference.

If you are a client, please know that I honour your trust and I am thankful to help move you towards a better tomorrow.

If you are a connection through my business networking, please know that I enjoy our time together and aim to move you towards your dreams by uplifting and encouraging you in your own business relationships and endeavours.

If you are a collaborative partner, I honour you as a person of integrity and talent, and I hold you in high regard for  standing in your power and shining your light brightly as a beacon to others.

Should I next be called,  I wanted you to know. ….

If I entrust you with my health, if I joined your team, or use your products & services, and especially if I refer others to you, then I respect you and trust that your recommendations have your clients’ best interest top of mind.

If you are my family – through marriage, friendship, or blood – no words can contain the depths of joy, pride, trust and faith I have in you. You are written in my eternal heart which will continue to beat for you.

Should I next be called to be among the Angels, I wanted you to know…..

that I go to that space with a sense of familiarity and anticipation,

Because I have lived among angels on earth all my life.   


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