Future-shaping by Honouring the Past


While attending an International Congress last month, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting 2 brilliant pioneers in holistic medicine and complimentary care, and of listening to their presentations as they shared experiences and knowledge. Their impact, combined with many other intelligent, talented and dedicated participants in the Congress, validated that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

And yet, there is much yet to do to share the many and diverse benefits of Therapeutic Touch and other modalities in the world.

Near the end of Dr. Gladys T. McGarey’s keynote address, she encouraged   “When you learn something that resonates with you, pass it on!” It is in this spirit of passing down knowledge that rings true to me that I write this message. Should it resonate with you, I invite you to also pass it along.

I am committed to cultivating and nurturing the vision of care that these ladies were instrumental in developing. Compassionate care that first recognizes and then treats people as their true, whole selves – not as isolated physical organs and systems.

Below are a few of the gems I received from our beloved co-founder of Therapeutic Touch.

Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN, Co-Founder of Therapeutic Touch, Author, Educator, and Speaker

“Therapeutic Touch is a mode of trans-personal healing. It is an act of loving kindness that provides solace.”

“Compassion as power drives the inner work of Therapeutic Touch.”

“I have dubbed Therapeutic Touch practitioners as technicians of compassion. The psychodynamic language of compassion is expressed in many ways that evoke great power. The spectrum is diverse, spanning simple expressions of one’s humaneness, e.g., random kindnesses and forbearances, through a range of benevolences under the name of grace, charity and mercy.”

“In its sphere of influence, it is humane efforts such as Therapeutic Touch that are coming forward with a strong voice to declare a vision of the possible…”

“The key is in the active “practice, practice, practice” of Therapeutic Touch to meet the needs of those who are ill or injured or in final transition, for it is here, in this yearning to help or to heal, that we strive beyond our reach and in so doing learn to claim the new inner territories of this Newer Age.“

“It is a quest worthy of our finest efforts, and I wish you well upon your journey.”


Let’s honour future generations with the benefits of healthful, vibrant lives – people who recognize their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects and attune to them all – people who see themselves as complete human beings – people who are connected with each other by caring and compassion.

Let’s honour the pioneers who worked with unfailing vision against many obstacles and challenges, by carrying their vision into the future, and into the world.

As a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and Energy Worker who has guided many people to shift to wellness, I am committing to fanning the flames to brighten the light of the growing philosophy of care based on Living Medicine, as described by Dr. Gladys T. McGarey, MD, Md(H), Author, Speaker, President of the Foundation of Living Medicine, and Founder of the American Holistic Medical Association.

The future of holistic, complimentary, and alternative care is in our hands.

Won’t you join me?

Sincerely, Laurie.

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