Take Time for Yourself


I am writing this from the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. Regardless of where you are, I hope you take time to enjoy the beauty it has to offer.

Explore hiking and biking trails, find a bench or piece of sandy beach, discover a new café or shop, look at your neighbourhood with fresh eyes.

Especially if you are feeling overwhelmed with responsibility at home or work, if you are exhausted, if you find that one day melds into another with tasks dominating your time, Take Time for Yourself .

Pay attention to how you fuel your body – the foods you eat, the thoughts you allow, the choices you make. Your body will speak to you – sometimes it whispers, sometimes it shouts.

I believe we each deserve a life where our home life and career merge without struggle. Where our hearts are leading our decisions, where our bodies are physical well, where we are living our purpose and joyful to meet whomever is on our path.

Take Time for Yourself   Whether it’s a short walk in nature, a Therapeutic Touch or massage session, digging in your flower or vegetable garden, taking time to read or meditate – whatever you enjoy that helps refill, revive, and rejeuvenate you.

You will certainly find you can more wholefully, joyfully give to others when your needs are met first.

Let’s take control of our physical and emotional wellbeing.

And along the way, let’s inspire others to do the same.

Take time for Yourself.   Do it today.

This is Laurie Bartley, TTRP.

I invite you to connect.

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