Make a Shift

A recurring theme for me lately has to do with cars. A few frequent trips to the mechanic have arisen due to regular maintenance, but also due to warning lights signaling it’s time to have a professional take a look.

It got me to thinking about how often we all tend to our cars. Whether it’s something major, regular oil changes, or simply washing our vehicles, we put a lot of energy into selecting it, insuring it, plus keeping it looking and running its best.

Next time you’re attending to your car, compare it to how you treat the 1 vehicle you’ll have for life – the one you’ve travelled your entire life with to date – Your Body. Time maintaining and protecting your body now will pay off for years.

Make a Shift – Pay attention to how you fuel your body – the foods you eat, the thoughts you allow, the choices you make. Your body will speak to you – sometimes it whispers, sometimes it shouts.

Perhaps it will help to know it often doesn’t take huge changes all at once to move towards great health. Just as you don’t shift directly from 1st to 4th gear, progression to health occurs incrementally and starts with small changes.

HYDRATE YOURSELF – Drink loads of water. Tend to cracked and dry skin, and wear layered clothing or sunscreen to protect you from outdoor elements.

EAT WELL – Eat 7 to 12 raw, fresh fruits and vegetables each day. You will be amazed at how great your skin, hair, teeth and nails look and feel, let alone all the health benefits that will be occurring internally.

Make A Shift – Great nutrition doesn’t mean you have to make severe changes to your grocery shopping or spend time and energy learning to prepare different foods. Many people have discovered JuicePlus+, a product that provides 17 vine ripened fruits and vegetables in capsule or chewable form for your easy consumption. You can also receive great nutrition through smoothie drinks and healthy snack bars.

I am one such person, and have become a distributor of this amazing food concept. Contact me to order your own, and join me in shifting forward to great health.

This is Laurie Bartley.   I invite you to connect.

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