Allergies (including food)?  **  Headaches?  **  Tired all the time?  ** Too busy to eat properly? (are you skipping meals or stopping frequently at drive-thru’s due to your heavy travel and work schedule?)

Feed your body Real Food – Whole Food – fruits and vegetables allowed to ripen on the vine, not picked early to accomodate travel schedules to your local grocery store. Although you try to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, they may not contain all the goodness, antioxidants, and micronutrients you think they do.

I have 2 Helpful Solutions:

1 – Grow Your Own Produce – it’s easier than you may think, and fun for the family!

2 – Eat JuicePlus+

The food concept I use and whole-heartedly recommend provides numerous health benefits. Since I introduced it into my diet 4.5 years ago, my sleep has improved greatly, my skin glows, my hair is healthy and shiny, and I have had only one cold (and no flu). My family has experienced their own benefits – including a healthy reduction in sugar and cholesterol levels, weight loss, and increased energy.

JuicePlus has been researched by many independant studies in various countries, with exceptional results. It provides the goodness of juicing fresh, ripe vegetables and fruits – without the mess, cost, or time required! Great health can be this easy.

Call Laurie at 250 469-2209, or visit my Juice Plus website to learn more www.believeitjuiceplus.com

Put a Farmer’s Market on your back porch.

Ask me about Tower Garden – a vertical growing system that allows you to grow your own fresh vegetables in the convenience of your home, or just outside your door!

Call Laurie at 250 469-2209 for more information.

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