Vibrational Catalyst for Significant Change

Let me help you descipher the myriad of complex ways your body is speaking to you

Want to release stress, pain, or anxiety to allow space for positive & uplifting energy to take root?

Release, Refresh, Revive

I use Living Medicine principles to guide your body to it’s intrinsic ability to heal. ** Energy Experiences, including Therapeutic Touch ** Mindfulness Guidance ** Plant Medicine through Young Living Essential Oils ** Nutritional Support

Energy Release & Integration

When you are in physical pain, or when you feel you are coming unraveled, this session helps re- weave the strands to wholeness.


Do you have a challenging occupation (RCMP, Fire, Emergency medical, or Hospice Care) that takes its toll on your mental and emotional wellbeing? Are you in transition? (relationship breakdown, job loss). When you wish to release past hurt, negativity, and possibly anger toward someone, & move forward without feeling a repetitive, heavy pull backwards.

Tranquility, Rejeuvenation, Insight

Sessions which focus on guiding and supporting your body to Ease, Flow, & Harmony.

Collaborations, Events, Workshops

I am honoured to combine my skills and talents with others, creating more impactful outcomes for you. Please refer to my Menu Pages for complete and updated details.


Body Wisdom
Whether pain has stopped you in your tracks, or you find yourself wondering "How on earth did I get here?"...

I offer a variety of Personalized Experiences to guide you to health. By listening to, and helping you identify your body's intrinsic needs - Physical, Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual - I help you shift to wellness. Find out why I'm called the 'Headache Angel'. And ask about the Group Gatherings and Meditations I host.

  • Energy Experiences, including "Raindrop Technique"

    Where is your Body holding tension, & What Message Is It Trying to Reveal? I pay radical attention to your body's messages, and help re-weave the strands to wholeness - Mind * Body * Spirit. Offered in Person, or Online.

  • essential oils

    Join thousands of people as we honour century-old practices, plus share modern day uses for these Ancient Plant Medicines. For your Body, Mind, Home, Office, and Vehicle. Ask me about the many benefits of Young Living Essential Oils. In Person or Online purchases offered.


    Is your Body Thanking You for How You Fuel it? Use mindful food choices & the support of proven systems to eat more healthfully. Offered in person or Online.

  • Writer, Speaker, M.C.

    Sharing with vulnerability, compassion, & courage the wisdom gleaned through my personal experiences as a Healer, Body Wisdom & Mindfulness Guide, Hospice Volunteer and Mom. Contributor to Encompass and OK in Health magazines. Featured in a soon-to-be-published book, "From There to Here". Check my 'Collaborations' Menu Tab for details.

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